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Body Massage & Reflexology San Diego CA


Body Massage & Reflexology San Diego CA


Full Body Massage

The famous type of bodywork known as full body massage plays a major role in relaxing your entire body. It is achieved by our enthusiastic Asian massage therapists rubbing on your tight muscles to gain complete relief from chronic pain and aches. It is perfect for first-time spa goers, as it helps to regain the lost energy. Call 619-291-2828, if you’re on your vacation and looking to add some fuel. Our Asian full body massage in San Diego CA is one of the best services to restore the energy balance.

Foot Refloxology

The objective of reflexology is to discharge pressure/blockage in the sensory system and to adjust a man's vitality. This session might be general or it might center around particular issue zones. Reflexology isn't a cure or a therapeutic treatment. It doesn't treat particular illnesses. Everybody's body reacts diversely to reflexology, and you may see no reaction after your first treatment. When you visit our professional reflexologist, he or she may take a shot at the hands, feet, ears, or a blend. Most sessions last from 30 to an hour. If you’re interested in receiving a foot reflexology massage in San Diego CA? Visit us or call 619-291-2828 to schedule an appointment.

Hot Stone & Back Walking Treatment

The hot stone massage is a popular massage where the licensed therapists use smooth and heated stones on the recipient’s body. The heat produced from the basalt stones can be profoundly unwinding and warm up the tight muscles to apply deep pressure more quickly. The back walking treatment involves placing barefoot on your body with the balance of rooftop. The pressure applied through the foot is delivered on to the pain points for getting relief from back pain and other chronic aches.

Table Shower & Body Scrub

Body scrub is both an item and a spa treatment. As a spa treatment, a body scrub utilizes distinctive varieties of natural product or plant extracts, oils, creams, lotions, salt, sugar, and so on to peel and saturate the skin. The body scrub advantages will be comparable whether you get a body clean spa treatment or do it without anyone's help. To start with, the exfoliating procedure removes the dead skin cells and allows your skin to relax. If you’re looking for a body scrub massage in San Diego CA, call 619-291-2828. Our SPA includes table shower massage facilities at affordable prices to help you relax and rejuvenate.
Spa Advantages


Our beautifully designed spa center filled with pleasant ambiance itself can soothe your nerves and relax your muscles before starting the treatment!

Call 619-291-2828 to book a body massage & reflexology services in San Diego CA. Our licensed massage therapists are waiting to take you to a peaceful and relaxation journey.