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{ Best Asian Massage Deals And Offers - San Diego CA }

Best Value Body Massage & Reflexology – Deals And Offers

Full Body Massage

Our full body massage services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Back Walking and Hot Stone treatment at affordable prices. Call 619-291-2828 to book now and enjoy an ultimate rejuvenating experience.


Foot Massage

Our combo massage pack includes both foot massage and body massages like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina massages for one hour treatment. Avail these deals and get pampered by our licensed massage therapists.


Combination Massage

This session includes soaking feet using our Chinese medicinal herbs, followed by head, shoulder, arm and hand massage performed for about 20 minutes. Foot reflexology massage is then delivered for about 30 minutes for effective results. Finally back body massage is delivered for about 10 minutes for ultimate relaxation experience.


Healing Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

The massage treatment enhances blood circulation, which improves the delivery of oxygen and supplements to muscle cells and flush out toxins. These circulatory impacts can treat inflammatory conditions like joint pain or edema. It also activates a relaxation response that lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. As a result, it can decrease the pain in scoliosis, whiplash, varicose veins, muscle injury, back pain, and torticollis.



LH Massage

A day at the Spa is what I call Heaven on Earth!

LH Massage

Keep calm and go to Spa to relax and unwind…


Opening Hours - LH Foot Care & Massage

  • Monday – Sunday 10 am – 10 pm
  • Call us : 619-291-2828
  • Address : 5297 Linda Vista Road. San Diego CA 92110
  • Appointment Tel:619-291-2828